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Hygienic Coatings

With technology from USA, WELT antimicrobial agent can be incorporated into durable water-based coating system providing long-lasting and effective protection for your love one.


Long lasting protection!

Effecive against bacteria and viruses!

Non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing!

WELT offer variety of hygiency coating products to be applied over almost all surfaces from your home, appliances, gadgets, autos, furnitures, containers and much more...

For household and industrial use coating products, you can follow instructions given.

All WELT products were tested by relevant authorities and its efficacy proven in both laboratories and real use. Contact us for your copy of brochure now!

Don't worry. We are the first one handling them. If it is toxic, we will have the porblem first. If not convincing, we can send you relevant toxicology study by local renown institute.

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